Kaizen Management System offers mobile base solution for managing kaizens.

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KMS (kaizen Management System) offers a wide range of features with Beautiful Design & Great Functionality.

  • Kaizen Reports
    Auditable Reporting
    Software offers excel base
    auditable report of
    any timeframefor n number of
    Safety Management System User
  • Kaizen KPI
    Kaizen KPI tells exact picture about total number of kaizens approved or rejected by admins in a particular timeframe.
  • Kaizen Updates
    Realtime Update
    All Kaizens and their statuses are updated in realtime. Approval or rejection of kaizens are intimated.
  • Notifications
    If your kaizen is arrived or kaizen status is changed then appropriate notifications are sent.
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As KMS (kaizen Management System) is providing a mobile base kaizen management system it's very handy to adopt.


How it work

KMS (kaizen Management System) offers a wide range of features with Beautiful Design & Great Functionality.

Three Logins

1. User Login - End user can register an account to login and submit Kaizens.

2. Admin Login - Panel of admins login to see all the Kaizen submitted by users and accepts or rejects them.

3. HR Login - Used to create , edit and delete account for users as well as admins.

PDF Download

PDF Download makes possible to know everything about one particular Kaizen with realtime status.

Kaizen Manages

User submit's the Kaizen and wait's for admin to approve or reject his/her Kaizen. Admin approves or rejects the Kaizen and exact user owning that Kaizen is notified.

Multiple Platforms

This mobile Kaizen Management System can be installed in the form of iOS and android apps and also has web client.

Our Portfolio

We have deployed this system with Haldex India who has multiple offices across the country.

Kaizen Haldex

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"The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new" - Socrates

In this Ever-Changing Competitive World, Every Organisation is looking for development in their business fuelled by constant improvement in their methods of doing business. 'Innovation focused on the big things' has made us miss the continuous small improvements and their impact on the organisation and its business. This Improvement through small changes has been the new important driver in the growth in business.

How can a company implement and work on the small improvements? By Integrating a Kaizen Management System into the company process.

What is a Kaizen Management System?

Kaizen is Japanese word for "Small Improvement". The philosophy of kaizen is to create a system of continuous Development. The purpose of Kaizen is to start a culture where everyone is looking for improvement and growth of company by constantly providing solutions that they think can help the company.

The Idea of Kaizen Management System was first Implemented in Toyota and improvement in their workflow and production. This Positive growth motivated other companies to implement the Kaizen management System in their system to also provide them with such growth.

Kaizen management system has been one of the core drivers for growth and innovation for the companies in last few years making it one of the best systems to implement for a company looking for improvement and growth in their business.

How can Kaizen Management System Help you?

A Kaizen Management System by AbracaDabra Software solution can help a company look for the small improvements and work on them in real time with whole workforce working towards same goal of improving the processes of the company to drive growth.

It does this by integrating the principles of Kaizen into daily processes and the day-to-day operations of your company. This system can be managed from an Easy-to-use Mobile Application which can be used for multiple purposes.

The Kaizen Management System is the best software for KMS. It has incredible functionality that Provides users with wide range of features packed in beautiful design.

The major features of Kaizen Management System are:

  • Auditable Reporting: software offers excel based auditable report for any time frame for n number of Quality management system user.

  • Kaizen KPI: Kaizen KPI tells exact picture about total number of Kaizens approved or rejected by admins in a particular timeframe.

  • Realtime Update: All Kaizens and their statuses are updated in Realtime. Approval or rejection of Kaizens are intimated.

  • Notification: If your kaizen is arrived or kaizen status is changed then appropriate notifications are sent.

  • Before and After reports with images can be stored for the future reference.

  • Detailed reports of One Kaizen from start to end can be captured and also consolidated report of all the Kaizens with variety of parameters can be collected in one Xls sheet.

  • Quality Management team get immense support as there wont be any need to appoint manpower to collect and manage Kaizens form workers and supervisors. This can be done by supervisors by using their login in the app.

  • App and Web portal is available.

Kaizen Management System also let the user visualise the Data for easier Understanding. The system is Simple and works on multiple platform such as IOS and Android and also has a Web client.

A Step Towards Success

If you are looking for a progressive and Revolutionary way to improve your company’s productivity and improve Process management, look no further than Kaizen Management System by AbracaDabra Software Solutions.

This Flawless Software will help you grow your company in way that has proven to very successful for most of the organisation. Use the Creativity of the workforce to improve the business and see the positive impact of this on the growth of the company.

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